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2002-11-14 23:40:29 (UTC)

first entrie

Hey this is my first entrie...
i just came from my friend chelsea's house.OH!!! there is
this thing named daniel in one of my classes. he has this
huge gigantic stomach and ass! well today his shirt got
caught in his pants and his crack was showing!!!oh my gosh
it was halariouse!!!i was crying from both laughter and

but anyway... this kid will told me it
was "attracted" to me,he scares the crap out me. i had this
nightmare that i was walking through these dark woods and
he was walking beside me asking for hugs and stuff i told
it i dont do hugs... well i started to walk faster getting
away from him when he starts chasing me
saying, "eeeeeeerrriiiiiiccaaaaaa..." i was screaming he
was so fucking scary!!!lol

i have another thing funny to tell u this kid chris
hes my friend but o he can be so stupid! i was telling a
story.....well about my dream when i look over at him and
hes turned around smiling with this huge ass grin on its
face i was like "AAAAHHHH"!!!!!!! he scared the crap out-a
me. that whole day he was eas-droping in all my
conversations!hes such an idiot!!!lol

later -*Erica*-

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