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2002-11-14 22:34:10 (UTC)

November 9, 2002 4:03PM (Saturday)

Friday started off as a bad day but turned out not to be as
bad. Elizabeth and I went to the church and got a ride with
Thelma to Pastor Tony's house. We got to work out with
Pastor Tony's personal trainer and his friend Yasi. It was
so much fun. At first I was really nervous because I'm so
little and puny I knew I wouldn't be able to lift much. I
didn't want to make an ass out of myself in front of
everyone. Mike (Tony's persnal trainer) and Yasi were so
supportive though and nice about it. So, I felt my
confidence level come up a lot in just the little bit of
time we worked out. We learned that we should eat 5 meals a
day (small servings) and a lot of protein. Too much
carbohydrates and sugars aren't good for you. But if you
eat a lot of them it should be earlier that way you'll burn
them all off throughout the day. I guess Tony said that
when you work your muscles they tear and the protein helps
them to heal. Last night was kewl, I just hope Mike and
Yasi will come again.