Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2002-11-14 22:01:45 (UTC)

We're supposed to spray on some suck-puppies nut juice?

Well, this weekend's turning out to be a crap shoot. I
have to come in to the office this weekend and work, for
the fourth weekend in a row now. In addition, I have to
take my Mark VIII the the mechanics Saturday morning, and
find some time to stop by the body shop and make a payment
for the repairs on the Mark VI.

I was hoping to work on Kathy's house some this weekend,
but that's not looking to bloody fucking likely.

But, most importantly, I need to make a commitment to
myself to go out and meet some people and make some new
friends. Being really fucking shy hasn't exactly been
advantageous, but it's going to have to be something I'm
going to have to learn to put aside if I ever want to get
out of the big fucking hole I'm in.

I bought Attack of the Clones on DVD the other day. It's
actually a lot more tolerable now than in the movie
theater, especially since now I can skip all those shitty
Anakin/Amidala scenes.

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