Broken Lyrics
2002-11-14 21:35:25 (UTC)

Bruised and Still Learning

Your scorpion's sting bleeds deep into my mind
Affecting my every thought will into my sleep
Infection spreads through my veins to my heart
Forcing my love and hate to together then bind
Pleasure cuts and scars the very life I lead
Lies and confusion cause tears of blood to start

Do you know who I am
Can you help me to understand
Have you ever thought of me
Or are you blinded by your selfishness and greed

Your sanke's tongue and wicked heart burn me
Burning Smoke rises to blind my bloodshot eyes
Suffication makes blood to stop flowing to my brain
Pain and Suffering that I could not forsee
With truth and honesty all my hatred dies
Much worry and tears for that I am ashamed

Do you know who I am
Can you help me understand
Have you been thinking of me
What all do I have left to see