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2001-08-16 09:47:10 (UTC)

What Is It That Is Bothering Me?

Ok. So I just wrote an entry. So what right? I am a
bit less empty then I was a few minutes ago, though each
little thing tends to bother me.
Have you ever thought someone else's life would be
entertaining or interesting so you decide to check out a
diary entry with a remotely interesting title right?
Well how is something supposed to remain interesting
if it's extremely long and just seems to expand until
forever to never end with the same constant ramblings? No matter
how important it is for that person to get their thoughts
out, how can you just go back and re-read what you have
written perhaps out of curiousity or of any other reason
you might be going over your thoughts if it is one
extremely long never ending paragraph?
I tend to separate each little thing so that you know
if you are talking of the same thing or just intending to
continue forever with the same thought. I suppose I'm over-
reacting, but I just don't know why it seemed to bother me.
It reminds me of that poem I wrote. (If you are
unsure as to what I'm talking about, I typed it in a
previous entry) But what I am getting at is that one day
at school, this kid who I thought would never take an
interest in poetry or much less talking to me was going
through my notebook of poetry.
He read through every poem but the one that truly
explains me because it is so long it is roughly a page and
a half. I have no interest in this guy what so ever, but I
couldn't help but notice how he just went right by it
because of it's length.
Whether anyone cares or not, if your purpose for a
public online diary is to get out your thoughts or perhaps
even write something that people would enjoy or be
interested in reading, people tend to remain interested if
there are separations in what you write.
My thoughts are merely rambles of what is going on in
my life and how I am feeling at the moment, but I've
already had two people contact me for I suppose I tend to
be interesting...or just plain fucked up, but either way, I
express it in a way that people actually enjoy.
Sure I also use "foul" language, but that's just me.
Profanities are not necessary to keep a reader interested.
Wow look at me. I act as though each entry, each diary,
each soul being expressed throughout written word and being
trusted unto the public is meant to be entertainment.
I suppose it just annoyed me, but now everything I
thought is changed yet again just as quickly.
Each diary is to express how you feel, what is inside
you, what is real. Whether you express it to others or
not, it is good to get it out and not keep it all deep
within you. And again, whether you care or not, express
yourself the way you are. What you feel, when you feel it,
how you feel it. Don't let stubborn thoughts of troubled
teens such as myself change who you are in any way.

aim = zeos2004

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