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2001-08-16 08:42:41 (UTC)

First Job

I've been outta school for a few months now.
Volunteered for 2.5 months and worked a two week contract
job. Finished it off and have another one to do.
Might get more work from the company i did the contract for
also. Things seem ok, so why are my parents always
stressin [email protected]#[email protected]

I wish they'd lay off me, always get the "we're doing this
because we want you to succeed" speech
They don't seem to under stand how much it annoys me
Whats up with that?

They want me to figure out what i wanna do with my life,
but i really have no clue. BAck to school? Go away to
another country to try and work? i have no ideas..

Would almost be nice if they assigned you a job right off
the bat, so ther'd be no problems deciding what you were
gonna do.