2001-08-16 08:07:04 (UTC)

7th better today something happened

started off rather shakey because I didn't speak up I was
kind of qiute and he seemed in a sort of a foul mood for
one reason or another the time was no different so I
suppose I just didn't speak clearly since the front door
was closed and rickie wanted to go to the front porch and
was puzzing us for about 1hr waitting when it did finally
open she was out there like a flash hasving a snack was out
here most of the morning even thou the door was only close
for a couple of hours. to her it seemed forever.. But after
I exerciserd and relaxed things seemd to be better my mind
was at some sort of peace whatever that is. Got a few other
things figured out on the computer so oyherwise it was a
pretty smooth going day my how things change I didnot do
any yhing or think any differently.. that is the thing..