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2001-08-16 06:53:59 (UTC)

I miss him!

My boyfriend works up to 15 hours almost everyday
except for Fri. Sat. and Sun. That is the only days I get
to see him, except for some times he comes no matter how
tierd he is.... I miss him so much the days I don't get to
see him... I miss his sweet kisses, his gentle touch, the
way he so passionatley makes love.... I must mention he is
the first guy I ever had an orgasm with.... He is the love
of my life.... I am soon going to be 17.... If we are still
together when I am 18 I plan to move in with him and he
can't wait.... That will be so nice to be able to sleep
everynight beside him in the same bed... I never loved
someone the way I love him.... He makes me feel special,
like I am a queen....He made me realize I am beautiful no
matter what people say and he has given me the stregth to
finally do something about it... So now I am dieting and
exercising trying to loose weight... It's going slow but
I'll get there someday! Well got to go

Brandi L. Weyant

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