Jelly Beans and Gummie Bears
2001-08-16 06:50:05 (UTC)

Hello everyone out there.

To all the people reading this my name is Ashleigh.
This isn't my first diary I have owned one on 2 different
sites. One of them grew to be 300 entries long. But sadly
ppl I knew found that diary and I had to watch what I
wrote. I'm not that kind of person I like to speak my mind
and write everything that is going on in my life.

So here I am at a new site hoping that maybe I will
make some new friends, read some new diaries, and get some
new responces. First you need to know a bit about me.

I have two best friends. Two of the bestest friends I
could ask for. Their names are Glenda and Kasia and they
will be mentioned alot in these entries. Also my boyfriend
Adrian. We have been going out for over 2 months almost 3.
He's the sweetest guy.

So I think I am going to go look at some diarys
byebyes everyone