my own soap opera
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2001-08-16 06:31:07 (UTC)

August 15, 2001

Long time since i did a dairy entry! I really gotta start
doing it daily not over yearly! Oh well. Lets see today
was great i guess. Not too much happened until later in
the evening. I spent most of the day chatting. I'm just
really confused right now. There 2 guys i've been talking
to lots lately on the internet lately and they're friends.
I think at least one if not both of them like me cause one
keeps on doing kinda sweet things.......... but i think i
like the other but their friends so i'm really confused.
Anyways onto the better part later on i went to the indu
china folklarama pravilian and it was awsome! As we were
heading towards the pravilion there were these guys that i
woulda guessed they were like 20 smiling and whistling at
us and i think they were trying to guess out age but lol it
was fun. But ya the indu china thing was awsome!!! Shannon
is really talented (she was in it and the whole reason i
went to see it) and it was just awsome, breaking wood thats
on fire and awsome kung fu moves! It was the best thing i'd
been to for a while and shannon was so happy to see me and
jane lol. well onto other things but i guess this isn't
just today but in the rescent past up to now. I seem to
really be wanting a b/f and i don't really understand why.
I want true love but i never really wanted it b4. I
thought it would be nice but didn't need it. I also feel
like i just keep on missing it so i don't understand. i
really want a b/f even though i keep telling everyone i
don't care but i do........ though i don't like anyone who
likes me....... so this just isn't working. I'm just
totally confused and have to work my life out.