the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2002-11-14 14:46:03 (UTC)

sitting waiting to go to class..

sitting waiting to go to class its 940 am and im bored out
of my mind.....math class shouldbe interesting i ahve a
quiz today but its easy so ill take it and hopefully get to
yesterday i went to get the tickets for this play im going
to see tonight and you would think that they didnt want me
to come see it or something everytime i get over to the box
office they are closed...the one time they were open i
forgot my money and i couldnt get them ...*shrugs* i dont
know ...anyway
ill babble some more to give myself something to do other
than talking to friends online

im watching kendra tonight the little girl i babysit for
she wanted to go to rockys for dinner so we are gonna go
surprise brian reeves and give him a good tip

but im gonna go i guess ill walk to my clas now
maybe ill walk really slow and it will take me 15 minutes
to walk over there instead of just 5

havea good day all

love the kelly

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