Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-08-16 06:19:20 (UTC)

Bunny Rabbits!!!

I wish I had one. No I lied .... I want a turtle ........
nea ........ a SNAKE ..... hell yea. I want a Snake. My dad
would freak though. He hates snakes. I think they are cute.
Okay well most "typical teen girls" would think a puppy was
cute. PSH! A snake is cute!!!!! Okay well let me see .....
today tomorrow ..... nea today. Okay. Well today was
boring. I originally had an appointment but that was
canceled. DAMN! So I ended up hanging out with my Friends
Nathan (aka Tinkerbell) and Micheal (some people call him
Peter)(I will tell you the tinkerbell story at the end of
this entry .... I got permission)Okay well Micheal brought
over his camcorder cus he was goin to film some stuff.
WOOHOO! Fun Fun! We all hung out at my house for a while
and then we planned out what we would film. The first plan
was to go over to some guys house and since I didnt kno him
I was bait. I was game so I did it. I was to ring his
doorbell and con him into comin out of his house so that
Nathan can jump him from behind and Micheal would film the
whole thing. But the guy wasn't home. SHUCKS! So we went to
the nearby school and hungout there yelling at the cars
that were passing by. Micheal filmed all that too. Then I
had to head on home because my mom was picking me up for
dinner. O yea .... today was my lil brothers birthday ....
he turned 15 today. BRAT! Hahaha okay .... we ate at Golden
Buddha ..... YUUUUMMMMM. Hehe. Well that was pretty much my
day. O yes ...... TINKERBELL. Here goes the story as to
what I remember and the pieces that I was told. In eighth
grade Nathan was sitting in his history class and had
written all over a piece of paper 'Fairy Dust'. The teacher
had taken the paper away and showed it to the class. (more
like read it out loud) So after I heard the story I asked
him about it and I told him it reminded me of tinkerbell.
So I asked him permission to call him that and he said
okay. No one else has called him that cept me ..... I asked
no one else did. So that is pretty much how the name stuck
with him. Like Jimmy ... we call him Jippy. Lisa (KITTY)
... I call her Mom. Tom ... I call him TIMMY. Chris ...
uhhh hahaha to many names. Pablo ... call him Moron or
Pinky. Michelle ... call her Banana. Carina ... call her
Daria. Antonio ... call him tight ass.(another long story)
Matt ... call him Matchew (hahaha).....................Well
for now that is all the nicknames that I can think of .....
when I think of more I will be sure to let you kno
............For now ......... till next time

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