Anand Bose

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2002-11-14 13:06:57 (UTC)

Writing out love For W. B Yates and Ezra Pound

Dear Yates.... Was re-reading into your poem -'the second

Coming’ - it has inspired me to dizzy thoughts ! The bank

of psyche's having the abundance of images is a valuable

lesson to draw out "intellectual and emotional complexes of

times". There! Pound Ezra has simulated his idea of imagism.

I love being the "Swan".... Been one today in agile and

cunning, posing the riddle as question to be answered !!!

The ballet to be beginnings is one of joy!!!!!

Saw many heart shapes, thought signs and the document

sign used in zerox machines- as heavy dewy breasts

of clouds fell on wet licentious soil melting into Swans

in the copulating rhythm of being the earth..

The last one is definetly for Ioan Couliano and mysterious

link of seeing the Elenusian flames....of course there's water too

around and in

Love Anand