~*Diary Of A Lost Soul*~
2002-11-14 09:42:13 (UTC)


Last nite I went to dinner with mom & dad... yes both
of 'em together. As always it turned into what it always
turns into. Them trying to get me to accept the "way things
are" i.e. their "friends" as they call them. It just goes
in one ear & out the other. Im not going to accept it and
thats final. Yes it's probably childish & selfish but thats
fucking just the way it is. My parents get mad cuz I dont
talk to them. It's not that I dont want to its just that I
dont have anything to say. I find random chit chat quite
pointless & all around stupid... And I guess I really dont
want to talk to them... but not because they are who they
are just because I dont want to talk to hardly anybody.
There are very few people in this world who I can have an
actual conversation with... funny how most of 'em are
incapable of holding an intelligent, meaningful
conversation... I wont say any names... Anyways, yes I love
my parents very much & of course I care about them & their
happiness, I guess I just dont know how or want to show it.
Its complicated I guess... Even too complicated for me to
comprehend it any farther...

In other things, on the Pantera board people just keep on
going at it... false rumors, posting pics of mine that they
have no permission by me to post... I just realized that
this is how it must be for a celebrity! Ha... if its this
bad now just imagine how hyped I'll be when I actually am
famous! I'm gonna be bigger than Britney Spears! lmao.

My throat hurts. I hope I'm not getting fucking sick :( It
just started like a few hours ago.

I miss "J". I cant wait to see him again this weekend!!!
Why am I missing him the way I used to again?! Is this a
sign of an improving relationship? I hope so!!!

Eh, I dont know what else to talk about so I guess I'll
wrap it up. TTYL