Rach's thoughts
2002-11-14 09:35:20 (UTC)

Life goes on

well after a wonderful weekend with S he's gone home. He
didn't meet R after all as I desided that they wouldn't get
on so I'd save that fun for another time. S was so sweet
and nice and lovely, I think I'm falling for him. That
could be a good thing or not. He's far away but still we
get on so well. I don't know.

Anyhow on Saturday it's my dinner. I've now got shoes to
match my dress and they're lovely and silver and have
sequins on them. I've also got a little bag that matches
the shoes but i need to decorate it with fabric paint to
make it not so plain. I'm going to put a criss cross
pattern across it in peach. It has to be done today or else
it won't have time to dry. T is coming to do my hair on
Saturday afternoon so it'll be all up and curly and nice.
I've got a new flim for my camera so there will be evidence
of what went on. It should be fun even though J is refusing
to come as I'm going. I mean come on how silly can you get!
He's not been to any events that I've been to since we
split up I mean he's totaly overeacted. I'm not sure what
to do about it. I mean I could just ignore it and hope that
he grows up and realises that he's being stupid. But that
could take some time, he does have the mental age of about
12. God why did I ever get involved with the boy! He's
caused me more harm than good.
Love and light

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