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2001-08-16 05:26:40 (UTC)

startin over...

well this is only my 2nd entry. it is 10:21 pm right now.
today i went to AC's band practice.. again. all the songs
are stuck in my head! aaaahhh but they're really cool. my
best friend will be leavin me in a few days .. soo soon! im
gonna be lonely again..this really suxxxxx well my friend
is bein a real hottie everyone likes her! hahaha... oh
well.. she's cute nice and everythin so why wont anyone not
like her right????? unlike me? i guess..? i dont know.. oh
well.. who gives!!

well this is my senior year..last year.. of highschool im
kinda scared bout goin to school cuz i just moved here..
moved back here actually but it's so difficult to have to
start over when you're already so old..and it's only one
year of high school.. it's hard to start over.. about
friends and everythin? what if i go to school and no one
likes me? what do i do right???.. i dont know i feel like
maybe i wont fit in.. because im different.. well i know
everyone is different but my taste i guess is different
than the people here.. will the school be so difficult????
i dont know..i guess i am a big worrier about everythin
but.. i dont know.. i cant help myself..i always have to

august 15 2001 10:25 pm

Audra ^_^