JaCkIe's SaMe oL LiFe
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2001-08-16 05:21:14 (UTC)

August 15, 2001

Today, Wednesday, was a pretty boring day for me as usual.
I woke up really late (noon) cuz the night before I went to
bed late...hehe My friend Amanda called me, she was just
babbling about our friend Mike! After, I went online and
the same ol peeps were on. A while after my auntie came
over and gave me $14 for helping my cousin Ricky move a
couple weeks ago, which was cool. But yea anyway, I've been
bitching to my parents that I want to go to driving school,
before school starts but they just like ignore me. I was
surprised today that my Mom actually made something yummy
for dinner, lasagna. I went back online hoping that either
my friend Codee or Jamie would be on but nope =(...I
watched my fave novela, Carita de Angel, as always cuz it's
just so tight. Man, what's his name wants me to go over his
house but I really don't want to. I still can't get over
his friend Anthony!!!! That foo is gay but damn he's hot!!!
Anyway, what else did I do today...oh yea, I watched this
new show, The Greg Brady Show, it was funny too. Then
after, I saw the Drew Carey Show. That's bout it! Ohhhhh
yea, thanx to my best, best, best, friend Jamie I have
changed the way I think bout myself! Thanx again James!
Love ya