good times, good times
2001-08-16 05:20:23 (UTC)

i don't know what to name this one not feeling creative today

m'randa came today! it was so cool to see her. she's movin
this weekend though so i'm a little sad. *sniff sniff*

church tonight was a trip. i just don't understand some
people. i go to the church of christ, and anyone who knows
anything about it knows that the c of c is notorious for
being by the book down to the letter with doctrine and what
not. well, in class tonight, the guy doin the talking was
saying that we need to inforce love and faith and
understanding grace, etc. rather than doctrine so much. he
used baptism specifically as an example. he said that he
didnt think baptism was nessicary, and that it should be a
personal decision, and that he thought that if u had a
relationship with god u were automatically saved. this
bothered me, but i didn't say anything cuz it was only my
second time to be there, and i was really more shocked than
anything, but brandon argued saying no, this isn't right the
bible says, etc. this has really been bugging me. i feel
like that he was right in saying we need to focus less on
doctrine, and more on just loving people, but i think we
also have to follow the guidleines that are in the bible. if
god felt it was important enough to include it, then it's
nessicary. this is probly gonna bug me for a while.

oh, and last thought for the day: i think i'm gonna lay off
it with kevin b/c lance has changed his attitude towards me.
i actually feel like he wants ME not just someone. so things
are lookin up with him these days, so i'm sorry kevin. and
matt, and anyone else who thought they were an important
part of my life. i still like ya'll, but there's more
important things in my life now. sorry!

love to all of ya'll, and i'm sorry if my religious rantings
made you uncomfortable, but i don't really care that much
what is politically correct. this is my diary dang it! i'll
talk bout church in it if i want to! love ya'll~ jen