Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-11-14 08:27:27 (UTC)

Early Thursday

Heather and Debra are planning a horror film with
characters based on us. Originally mine was s'posed to die,
but now they won't let me. I was pissed at first, because I
figured if it happened it'd be affirming my belief that if
I ever had a part in some form of media (anime, manga,
movie) I'd play a small role of a background character and
die halfway through it. Heather won't let me now and Chris
says he's deliberately going to draw a manga and have me as
a main character to spite me. Shannon also said that I
would survive a horror situation just to vex people. This
was all spurn from watching 13 Ghosts with my friends
tonight, which was a leap itself, because I don't watch
horror normally (not that the movie was even very scary...
at all. But damned cool premise for a movie).


My friends kick ass. ^_^

Sleepy sleepy and I love Thursdays!