I am Jack
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2002-11-14 07:53:14 (UTC)


I have made a very hard and life changing decsion: I'm going
to be moving from Dallas to San Francisco in a few weeks.
I'm going to be leaving behind alot of things that are
important to me, most of all my friends. So, I've partly
created this diary so they can check in on me and see how
things are going for me on the West Coast.
It's been a rough couple of months for me, I left my job
as an art director/graphic designer; mostly because it had
become something that I had grown to hate, the atmosphere
was unprofessional and the work grew into something that I
couldn't handle by myself. But I also THOUGHT that I could
find another designer job especially with about 2 yrs
experience under my belt. Dozens of interviews, and probably
nearly a hundred sent resumes, and months later still
nothing. Every time I thought something was going to happen,
weeks later I'd find out I didn't get the job.
Some truths about the real world: The economy is terrible
right now, companies don't keep their promises, and there
just aren't many opportunites for someone like me here in
Dallas. I'd become desperate, all my contract job people
never gave me projects they'd promised. I'd spent all my money, living
from week to week, having to borrow money from people, selling some of
my things just to make ends meet. I had to move into a cheaper apt,
and now I have to move back in with the parents. I finally got a part
time retail job, and it's just enough to pay the bills, but I've just
about given up on finding anything here in Dallas.
An old college freind of mine, Chi, has been asking me to
come to San Francisco for some time, so we can start some
sort of film company. We've been collaborating on a script
also. I'm a realistic guy, I know that this is a long shot.
But There's also a guy there that Chi knows that is starting
his own clothing company, We're getting in on it, and I'm
going to be doing the advertising and designs for ads. (last
I heard from Chi he got the green light from some sponsors
and the wheels are in motion for him to start things up.)
Plus there are more design job opening happening there, and
I've been sending resumes. The more I looked into the city,
the more I realized there are more things for me there. I've
visited him twice out there and I've really liked the
culture and diversity of it. The biggest con is the high
cost of living, but these past months have taught me how to
live off of nothing, at least until I get started. And he's
not asking me to pay rent and is even offering to help me
out finacialy if I need it. I mean if you read in the want
ads:"need some one to get in on a start-up clothing company
and create an independent film company. Housing provided and
some bills paid" I'd call that a good deal.
I figure why not go for it, especially now when I've got
almost nothing to lose or hold me back. If I don't at least
try, I know I'll regret it for the rest of my life, knowing
I could have had some of these chances and not taken them.
And if I fail, at least I can come back to Dallas knowing
that I explored that avenue.
Now I've got to finish packing things up to move back
home this weekend. Man I hate moving, and the fact that I
have to move back in with the parents is depressing to me.
It's like procliaming I couldn't make it in the world on my
own. At least it's only for a few weeks....
That's something that's been important to me, being self
sufficient and independent, and knowing that what I had
become, I did it almost completely on my own. I did it once,
and I think I can do it again.
"What the hell did I know about California? For some people
it was still a place of hopes and dreams, a fresh start. The
idea was if you could just get there everything would be ok.
And if things weren't ok there, well, things probably weren't going to
be ok anywhere" -from Kalifonia