Daily Rants
2002-11-14 07:45:48 (UTC)

Part 3

“Come with me.”

“Jakk, the day I follow you is the day that snow falls in
Hades. I don’t need or want your help.” Rowan snapped,
angry at herself for wasting time even talking to him.
What was important at this point was how she was going to
get into the tower without the insider information she’d
been counting on.

He paused in the doorway and examined Rowan’s expression.
He was amazed at how she’d grown in the 5 years since he’d
watch her walk out of the academy. She looked less like
the stubborn 15 year old who was so terribly determined to
be the son her father never had. He still regretted the
day he had to tell her that the masters of the Academy
would only accept males and he couldn’t bend the rules for
her like before. But now, he could make that up to
her. “Rowan – you don’t understand.”

“Oh, I think I do Jakk. My father sent you. To make sure
that his precious little daughter doesn’t get hurt. Well
you know what, Jakk? I don’t need either of you. I spent
the last 5 years fending for myself and I’ll keep on doing
it.” She felt the hurt and anger rising in her throat and
turned to go. If she hurried, she could still make it to
the tower gates before the next guard came through.

“You’re making a mistake.” He reached out and grabbed her
wrist. “You can’t do this alone.” He had to make her
realize just what she was walking into.

“Don’t you EVER say that to me Jakk.” She hissed, jerking
her arm free. “You have no idea what I’ve been through
since I left. So just leave me alone!” All of the rage
inside Rowan burst forth as she gave him one good right
cross. The resounding echo of her fist on his jaw broke
the silence in the courtyard.

At that, she turned and fled down the hall, as Jakk watched
her go, with an ironic smile on his face. “Still as
stubborn as ever, my dear.”

Rowan forced herself to remember the details of the map
and quickly located the gate. She flattened herself
against the wall as she heard footsteps approaching from
the other side. She had missed the change after all.

How does Rowan get inside the gate?
A. Lure the guard outside and sneak in
B. Find another route.