Daily Rants
2002-11-14 07:45:12 (UTC)

Choose your own adventure, part 2

As Rowan neared the alcove where Royce said he’d meet her
she was dismayed not to find her ally, but instead…
Jakk. She should have known he’d pull a stunt like this.
After all these years, he’d find a way to get her back.
“Rowan, my dear. I must say, I am impressed. Maybe all
those years at the academy taught you something after all.”
He pushed away from the wall, strolling over to Rowan and
casually draping an arm across her shoulders. “But then
again you were the only one there who ever gave me
“What do you want Jakk?” Rowan snapped, shoving at his
arm. She didn’t have time for this. Not now, when she was
so close to getting what she needed to bring down Diene –
once and for all.
“Who said I want anything? I’m actually here to help you
Rowan – but you’ll have to trust me first.” He started
toward an open doorway. “Come with me.”
What should Rowan do?
A. Follow him
B. Tell him to go jump off a cliff.