Daily Rants
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2002-11-14 07:41:08 (UTC)

Choose your own adventure!

Basically what happens is I post a bit of a story, and you
write/IM me what you would like to happen next. This is
three parts already, just to keep everyone caught up.
Happy reading!

Rowan slowly pushed the door open, careful not to make a
noise. Making sure the guard had moved on to his next post
for night watch, she ran across the courtyard. She stopped
at the old, gnarled tree next the inner wall and quickly
climbed up the branches. Seconds later, she dropped to the
ground, safely inside the fortress.

She had finally done it – she had actually broken into the
stronghold of her most hated enemy, Lord Diene. After a
moment of thought, she got her bearings and headed toward
the rendezvous point with her spy that had given her the
information to get this far.

As Rowan neared the alcove where Royce said he’d meet her
she was dismayed not to find her ally, but instead….

A. A prison guard
B. A dark, shadowy figure from her past.