The Wait For True Love
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2002-11-14 07:02:51 (UTC)

The Dentist Visit

Yesterday I took that fun trip to the dentist and boy did I
get some news about my teeth. First, my bottom wisdom teeth
are growing in crooked and aren't even gonna grow out of the
gums... instead they're growing against my molars (for all
of you that know everything about your teeth). oh yes and
lets not forget that im 18 yrs old and need braces b/c my
bottom bicustpits (however u spell it) are totally rotated
90 degrees and i need to get the chip in my front tooth
rebonded. you might be saying this is a lot of work... and
torie how will yo broke ass pay for it? good question. yes i
do have insurance but its totally bullshit insurance. well
not TOTALLY bullshit insurance because they will pay 80% of
the cost of wisdom teeth removal and the bonding procedure
but when it comes to getting braces im totally fucked for
the money. so it looks like i'll just live the rest of my
life with rotated biscustpits (however u spell it)

in other news, my friend amanda called me last night. yeah
she's the friend that i've known since forever. it was fun
to catch up on all the shit going down in that country town
of texarkana. there always seems to be some drama going on
in that town. but anywayz, ja rule was on conan o'brien
tonight and im quite dissapointed, not in ja rule cuz he was
looking fine as ever, but i was dissapointed in how little
time conan devoted to ja rule. he was only there for like 2
minutes. how dare conan do that to my man. well thats the
last time i watch that show. and if you care... im still
single, manless, however u wanna say it. im calling all guys
out there!!!! come and sweep me off my feet!!!! PLEASE!!!!
nighty night


height: taller than me (i'm 5'0")
nationality: no preference
other: good sense of humor (gotta be able to make me laugh)
drug-free but weed is not a problem at all
not an alcoholic but not against drinking cuz i lik
to drink
thats all i can come up with.. not too picky right?