It smells like poop over here
2002-11-14 06:35:08 (UTC)

even if you don't want to...

...you gotta face the truth." well said rufio, and not the
crazy, red-haired lost boy from hook, im talking about the
recently popular punk band. anyway, today started off
normal. went to school, swung by algers, picked up lauren
and joe. my bro was closing tonight, and he says "you got a
letter from state, it's on the table." we'll get to that in
a minute.
so me, joe and lauren bust our asses out to royal oak to
see the new michael moore documentary, "bowling for
columbine". it was really good, i enjoyed it. so many gun
nuts have no explanations. i don't understand why there is
so much violence in america. i guess it's one of
those "just because" things that there is no explanation
for, it just is that way. whatever. the film was really
after that, we swung by excaliber and got my tongue
pierced. george wasn't there, but i suppose that's ok,
john(?) did a good job. didnt' hurt that bad, a lil sting
when the needle first went in, but then my tongue seemd to
go numb. it's really fucking hard to eat. took my like a
half hour to eat a fucking banana. i don't know how im
gonna not eat anything and everything for the next few
weeks. i keep hitting the stud on my teeth. i can't even
clear food off my gumline, it hurts too much, so i have to
use my fingers. hard to lick my lips too. oh well, it'll be
wicked bad in a few weeks. specially when i can use it to
go down on the ladies, specially with my huge ass tongue.
now onto the state letter...yup, my dumbass didnt' get
in. i don't know what i was thinking, believing that i
could actually get into a credible university. i mean
seriously, im some dirty, dumb white boy from the other
side of town, the eastside, the fucking ghetto. i can't get
into a good school, like i said before. im just like my
dad. a dumb fuck. a fucking loser. i had nothing to offer
that school. HFCC it is, probably for my entire career as a
student. then onto some manual labor, cause that's all i'm
gonna be for. fuck that, fuck me, fuck MSU.