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2001-08-16 04:38:49 (UTC)


John told Tim that he,John,had an affair with
Megan,Tim's wife.When Tim confronted
Megan with John's confession,she denied all charges.
A few days later,Ashlee,John's young wife, goes to Tim
and tells him that Megan and John did have sex.When
Tim tells Megan that Ashlee has told him that Megan
and John had an affair,Megan confessed that Ashlee
did make a pass at her and offered to let Megan share
her bed with John .Megan told Tim, with a shake of her
pretty blonde head,"Yes,I had an affair with both of
Tim is wondering why he was not invited to join in their
games of sex ? His feelings are hurt and he is looking
at Megan as if she is a six headed space creature.He is
seriously thinking of leaving Megan and moving on with
his life.He hopes his mother,a devout Christian,does
not hear the rumor that her beloved perfect Megan is
having an affair with a man and a woman.
Tim is thinking about divorce but worrys about the
children.Megan has three children from her first
marriage and he has two,a girl and a boy,by his first
wife,Kathy,who is a recovering drug addict.Tim has
custody of both his children and Megan's three
daughters also live with the couple.
Kathy has been wanting their children to spend more
time with her.She is drug free having been off the coke
for over three years.She maintains her clean lifestyle by
attending NA meetings and going to church on
Sundays.She wears her soberity on her sleeve like a
badge of honor and is very proud of the changes she
has made in her life. If Kathy knew about Megan's
conduct with Ashlee and John,she would have Tim in
court fighting for custody of her children.
Tim finds a crank pipe in Megan's make up case.At
first, he wonders why she has the empty shell of an
inkpen in her make-up case then he finds the sheet of
cheap tin foil folded and creased and a craft bag with
some light yellow powder inside.Tim recognizes these
things as the tools of a drug addict who is smoking
Crystal meth or crank.
That morning Tim had read a front page story about
Crystal meth and the many labs in the area.The picture
accompanying the article showed the same tools Tim
founded in Megan's make-up case.Megan has gone
shopping,all the children or in school, and Tim is alone
in the house.