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2001-08-16 04:35:03 (UTC)

We Need To Do It

a girl: we need to do it
chica: we do!
chica: geez
a girl: theres us 2 girls and we want a guy to help us do it
some guy: me too but ya know where to find me
a girl: find a ride up here
chica: no i dont, or i would have been there right now
doing it with you
some guy: yeh ok
some guy: im already there
some guy: j/k
chica: lol
a girl: hahahaha
a girl: reckless abandon
chica: what kind of supplies do we need to do it?
a girl: i feel abandoned
a girl: pens pencils paper..
some guy: not too many
a girl: i like toys
chica: what?
some guy: lol
chica: lol
some guy: ur funny
a girl: haha me?!
a girl: yah right
some guy: both of u
a girl: not me lol
some guy: cause if u want it bad enuff im in waterloo only
15-20 min away
chica: hmmmm
a girl: i need to do it
chica: i think im getting an idea
chica: lol
some guy: well
chica: i also need to do it
a girl: hahaha
some guy: lol
some guy: as do i
chica: i really want some more booty
chica: lol
a girl: ME TOO
a girl: i want alotta booty
some guy: there u go
chica: i have no bf, i dont get booty on a regulr basis
some guy: i got a big butt lol
some guy: well i dont either
a girl: awwww
a girl: you dont have a bf im sorry
chica: thats good
some guy: lol
chica: im gald
some guy: u think
a girl: haha
chica: *glad
chica: uhm
chica: no i dont
some guy: i see that
chica: im just pretty and dumb and incapable of thought
a girl: i want to do it
some guy: well here i am
a girl: we want to do it at the library here
some guy: ahaha
some guy: well im here
chica: he only wants to do it with a girl
some guy: the more the marrier
a girl: awww you wanna do it with me
chica: my names chica
chica: lol
a girl: lol
some guy: i know
chica: ooo? tounge?
a girl: hahaha
some guy: long one too
chica: oh dear
a girl: mmmmm
a girl: lol
some guy: and that not all
a girl: lol
chica: ICK
chica: get a room!
some guy: no
chica: ?
a girl: wha?
some guy: well im in waterloo
some guy: so let me know
a girl: we're just talking about doing it
some guy: well im here os u figure it out
a girl: okayy i see
some guy: do u
a girl: do i what
some guy: me too
chica: hey!
chica: its a font!
a girl: hello
a girl: what?
some guy: what
chica: im okay
chica: im having a seziure!
some guy: uhuh
a girl: hahahhahahahahahahahahah
chica: i mean
chica: i want to do it
a girl: i wanna do it
chica: please a girl
a girl: haha
chica: do it
a girl: CHICA
a girl: when i squeeze mine it doesnt make any noise!
chica: ill do it for some guy if he wants to
chica: ill do it for you cause you need me
a girl: im sucking right now it tastes so good and smells
so sweet yum
chica: and ill do it for anyone if they ask me
some guy: lol
chica: I BLEW MY LOAD!
a girl: hahaha
a girl: this lollipop is soo good... what did you think i
meant?! you sicko!
some guy: really
chica: but i can still drive!
a girl: yes even though your pants are loaded!
chica: lol
some guy: nutzlol
chica: thats never happened before!
a girl: yes i know you have nutz
some guy: really
chica: oh my
chica: i didnt know that you knew that he has nuts
a girl: yes really
some guy: smiles happily
a girl agrees
a girl has fallen and can't get up
some guy: has fallen and can't get up
a girl flirts with some guy
some guy: mumbles while looking at a girl
chica: groans loudly
a girl: lol
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
chica: groans loudly
some guy: flirts with the room
chica: I love that one
a girl crashes into some guy
some guy: asks a girl "Do you Yahoo?"
a girl: *oops*
some guy: lol
chica: pokes you in the chest
chica: pokes you in the chest
chica: pokes you in the chest
chica: pokes you in the chest
chica: pokes you in the chest
chica: pokes you in the chest
chica: pokes you in the chest
a girl: hahahaha
chica: that ones dirty too
some guy: gives everyone a big hug
some guy: gives a girl a big hug
a girl: awwwwww
a girl begs at some guy's feet
chica: OH MY!
some guy: smiles happily
some guy: smiles happily at a girl
chica: you are on your knees?
a girl: LOL
chica: OMG!
a girl: dirty knees
chica: Im leaving now
some guy: uses power of levitation to raise a girl
a girl: LOL
some guy: what happened to ur friend
some guy: so does that mean u two r not commin up
a girl: i dunno
some guy: ok
some guy: that helps
a girl: you want to do it with us?
some guy: maybe if ur good
a girl: haha
some guy: we could do something we'll see
a girl: haha
chica has joined.
a girl: woah!
some guy: well chica it sur call
a girl: shes back
some guy: ic that
chica: my call?
some guy: yup
a girl: haha
chica: on what?
some guy: laughs at chica
some guy: knows that the truth is out there
some guy: ponders the meaning of life
some guy: hmmmm
some guy: sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really,
really want"
a girl: if we gunna go visit him
a girl: i think he wants to do it with us
some guy: smiles happily at a girl
some guy: i said maybe
a girl: why just *maybe*
a girl: we need help doing it
some guy: cause who says u could handle it
a girl: who says you could handle doing it with us
some guy: i did
chica: if my momma will let me take the car and let me take
it somewhere that shes doesnt know and hasnt met the people
i hang out with
chicav: sute
some guy: its nt the first time
chica: *sure
some guy: lol
a girl: what do you mean?
a girl: wut
some guy: exactlt what i said
chica: you havent done it with us before
some guy: i know but i have done it b4
a girl: so we have done it before too
a girl: right chica we've done it
chica: no
chica: we havent done it
a girl: not together but we've done it
a girl: i did it with my partner
chica: oh yes
a girl: haha
some guy: oic
chica: ive done it lots of times
a girl: yup me too
a girl: like a million
chica: ive done it so many times it just doesnt excite me
some guy: too many to count
chica: its just like, "lets get it over with"
a girl: yah it gets kinda boring after all the times
a girl: i know
some guy: well ur doin it wrong then
a girl: no we doing it very right
a girl: we even get a
a girl: we even get more people to want to do it
some guy: ok i believe u
a girl: we're so creative when we do it we inspire others
some guy: well u havent seen my work
some guy: lol
a girl: well you havent seen our work
some guy: true
some guy: but im more exp.
a girl: no i dont think so
some guy: im 22 with a 4 yr old u tell me
some guy: laughs out loud
a girl: haha what does that have to do with anything?
some guy: ask his mother
a girl: oh does she do it
chica has logged back in.
some guy: u wouldnt believe it she does
a girl: really she does?
a girl: i wouldnt think she would
some guy: lol
chica: ?
some guy: ok
a girl: wow thats pretty cool
some guy: it is
a girl: i need to do it cuz i have to do it by two weeks
some guy: well im here
some guy: lol
a girl: well we're doing it here
a girl: in the library
some guy: ok ru havin fun
a girl: yes of course im thinking about how im gunna do it
what supplies do we need and of course we need to ask them
to let us use the library
chica: lol
chica: im sure they will
some guy: so what sup
chica: i mean, we are going to let people watch
a girl: nada
some guy: thats ok

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