my life
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2002-11-14 05:43:12 (UTC)

oh well

i just messed up and it went throu and didnt even add my
page thing cuz i hit enter on the title, but anyway, today
while i was wasting away in english i noticed that today is
wednesday, and it is the first day that i went to school
this week, best thing that has happend today except when
oren got that weird guy to eat the cupcake remains from
like 2 months ago that were on the band room wall, and
after he took a chunk out of his mouth. but then i went to
each class for some reason feeling excited, even tho i knew
that it was only going to be the same as it had been befor,
and i went to each class and found out that there was no
reason to be excited, i got a b- on my biology project, but
oh well, i figured that if i am getting an a in english
which i should be and i am getting two a's in band, and c's
in spanish bio, and geometry. equals b average. And then i
had to do band tonight, great oh well i love band
(BULLSHIT) and then on the way home from practice my mom
started yelling at me cuz i told her i had to come home and
use the computer to write in my complaining diary, and she
starts talking about bullshit, cuz she must have grown up
in the trash can or something cuz thats all the good things
that she could think of, like oh be glad you have a place
to sleep and plenty of food, ok, great i am normally
blessed whoopy, ok so i am glad about that but whatever how
about haveing a normally nice life, i know that there are
hobos who are happyer then me! oh well, im bored of this