Daily Rants
2002-11-14 05:40:41 (UTC)

*cowers in corner*

Yikes. MAJOR class clumping coming up 10th week (Orgo exam
tues night, ID final wednesday and Psych project
wednesday) I'm not going to be a happy camper then.
basically spazzing about work right now. Though I got the
beastly orgo report done, so yay me. Even got started on
the Infectious Diseases project. Now I just have to get my
prelab done, Psych read (evil evil novel. Don't ever make
a book about sexual abuse your bedside reading *shudders*)
and study for ID. Then I get to have fun at roleplaying
tomorrow. Another appearance by Bridget. :-D

Then Mike's here this weekend, which will be nice. Have a
few surprises planned so hopefully it won't be all work.

Right now though I have this overwhelming desire to
say 'Screw you, work' go out on the quad, make all those
leaves into a giant pile and go play in them. Anyone with
me?? :-D

Oh well... maybe I'll just write the next part of my story
instead. I'm going to be switching it into here, since the
1024 character limit on AIM profiles is really cramping my
writing style.