Charmed Pages
2002-11-14 04:25:42 (UTC)

It's Been a Day or Two...

....since I've written anything. The days have been
rough. I'm tired of people. I need to be around loved
ones that aren't fake. I am so sick of people, and yes
people still suck and that is a generalization. I'm going
to bed early lately so I don;t have to put up with
peoples' crap. I need a break, a big one! I had 2 test
today. I feel pretty good about my Psych test, but I'm
not so sure about my Math one. Math is definately not my
strong suit. I don't know, maybe I just need to be around
people that I know care. Yeah I know, I'm getting kinda
deep here, considering the fact this is an open journal...
I really don't care. Just don't pity me, I'm ok really.
I just don't like you. LMAO No, its not you, its that
sometimes people gotta be alone, and then sometimes they
don't wanna be alone, and I don't know where I fall at in
that category. Life can be so complicated, people send
mixed messages. One day, oh I'm your friend, the next its
like they forget all about you! OMG! That felt so good.
I'm venting and thats a good thing, right?

Anyway, on to my next subject. I feel like my life is one
big ELIMIDATE! I can't choose!! I mean I like someone,
but its just wierd. I am SO not going into detail on that
one, mainly cause I don't know who reads this. Do you
ever wonder what would happen if you did something
different in your life. Yeah, I do that all the time.
LOL Yeah, um, that was so random. Maybe I'm homesick,
maybe I'm lonely, maybe I miss the chaotic drama of baby
mama drama in high school. I just know I am so ready for

I just wanna lie in my own bed with no roommate coming in
and being all loud and shit. I mean some of the mess he
does is just uncalled for. I know ts hard living with
someone, but It would be so mych easier if I knew that
they weren't a nasty bastard. We are total opposites,
like North and South, we shall never meet. I'm a neat
freak, everything(well most everything) has a place, and
he just doesn't have that quality. I wouldve been gone,
but I have a feeling if I left I would get someone so much
worse. Sometimes were cool though, but lately, I've jsut
been ignoring his dumb ass.

All I know is he can do whatever he wants,'Cause today I'm
handing out lollipops and ass whuppings, and I'm all out
of lollipops.