A day in the life....
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2002-11-14 04:11:23 (UTC)


It has been a wonderful, and Eventful past couple of weeks
(aside from a head cold) and it just keeps getting better!
So hmm..where to begin since i last updated my journal..a
whole 2 1/2 weeks ago..
Well, for starters, Brian was able to and did come to visit
that weekend, had a Swing performance, actually went on
a "semi-date" all dressed up! It was wonderful
Then the next weekend, after several test and the
beginnings of my cold, had a swing dance at Dehority, then
i worked saturday and had Another Swing performance at
Emens and my family was there to watch! Then after that a
big group of us went to Steak'n'Shake..FUN!!
This week, so far, has been pretty darn good as well.
Kandace and I got our "Christmas Shopping" done yesterday.
And i got momma's birthday taken care of. and i had fun
being a lab rat in Kinesiology today (balance testing) and
then All 3 of my Bible studies were great. And Friday i
leave with my parents to go to CHICAGO!!! I can't wait. :o)
God is just SO Awesome..He's blessed me so much and i'm
Very Thankful! So if you feel the need to, give Him a
shout! He's always listening! Gonna go to bed for now. God
bless you all!!!