Kenton Cohick

Insolent thoughts
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2002-11-14 04:10:10 (UTC)


I've been reading through a lot of other people's journals
lately, and I've discovered that I'm different than nearly
every other person here. My life isn't a mess, I'm not full
of angst, and I don't claim to be misunderstood. Sure my
life has its share of problems, but I don't say that
I'm "wandering aimlessly through the ever-shifting sands of
time". I'm more of a hobo scavenging the proverbial streets
for an easy way out.

I've noticed the angst on the internet before. It's
probably because many of the people who are frequently on
it are the social outcasts of society. So, naturally, I
should have expected that a journal site would be that much
worse. People normally keep journals as ways of expressing
themselves, and the emotions dominant in this expression
are usually anger or depression. So if normal people are
often depressed in their journals, it's pretty obvious what
the outcasts would be like. I realize that the people who
read this (all 3 of you) are going to be offended by this,
and state that you are in no way an outcast. You are, of
course, one of the most popular kids in your school, and
you will demand that I ask your girlfriend for
confirmation. Give me her phone number, and I'll think
about it. While you're getting it, I'll write the first
paragraph of your next entry for you:

"Dear Diary,
Some dick from the internet stole my girlfriend. I really
love her a lot, and I thought she felt the same way! My
alcoholic, cocaine-addicted mom says that she probably just
needed a break, but I know that's not true. I knew she
hated me from day one! Just like everybody else! If they
could only look into my soul one day, instead of judging me
from the outside!"