Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-16 03:51:32 (UTC)

Purple and yellow make poo....

Wow...yet another exciting day! I'm tellin ya, I've just
had a bunch of those lately! haha:)
First, I started off the day meeting Ash F, and Jen at the
church building so we could go over to the soup kitchen in
Ashland. Let me tell ya, the soup kitchen was definitely a
very interesting experience! haha Me and Jen were in charge
of the desserts and the lady in charge told us not to let
them pick it up themselves...but this one guy kept comin up
and just grabbin the blasted doughnuts! haha He even picked
up the tongs one time and acted like they were attacking
him..needless to say me and Jen just could'nt hold in the
laughter! It was great! Then afterwards me, Ash B, and Jen
went to like...3 different dept. stores lookin for a white
t-shirt! Those thigns are hard to find...apparently they're
in popular demand! So...we finally get our shirts, and then
we go to church that night (and just a side note-Jen made
me sit in the front pew when I came into church :p) and we
stay after to make the tie-dyed shirts. Boy..was it ever a
mess!!! (haha) We had that crap everywhere..and well, I had
mine soaked in Vinegar and it stunk up the fellowship hall
and then the dye was all runny and crap and the colors
blended together to make poo...it was sick. But oh well, I
guess we'll see how they turn out:)
Oh, and the big event of today...saying goodbye to Amy:(
Yep, that's right...she's leaving at 9 in the morn...so I
stopped by to give her her shirt back and say goodbye. She
hugged me like 87 times..for real, she even watched me
leave. I did ok while I was there, she and I both did, I
didn't shed one tear..but then, when I got in the car...it
hit me. I had just said goodbye to my BEST FRIEND!! So..in
typical Tarah fashion...I start crying...AFTER the fact:)
haha I bawled all the way home. I'm gonna miss her soooo
much. I just started thinkin about everythign we've been
thru in the past 4 years and I realized something...I'm
never gonna forget her...really. We have grown up together,
seriously, she had always been there for me and I
dunno...we just share sooo much. Yeah...so, what I'm tryin
to say is, I'll prolly end up calling her like..tomorrow or
something:) hehe
I also said "goodbye" to Jen tonight as well. Although it
was very different from Amy..I mean, no offense to Jen or
anything, but it just didn't make me sad to say goodbye to
her. Jen and I have talked about this a thousand times,
about how our friendship will always be there..we'll always
be sisters in christ..yadda yadda:) So..I mean, I knwo I'm
gonna see her again..and I knwo it's not the end of our
frienship..by far, not even close to the end..and that
makes me feel so great:) It'll be weird tho, cause Jennifer
has always been a constant in my life...someone who's
ALWAYS been there. We've never gone more than a couple
weeks without seeing each other since we were 5!!! So..it
was definitely be weird to walk in church and not see her
But...I've rambled enough...I gotta quick talkin so I can
get some rest. I have a big interview tomorrow! haha:) I
have to say goodbye to Tess as well (shew..more
tears)...until next time