My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-11-14 03:50:09 (UTC)

YA YA lol 11-13

Well alright! It was a good day today! I'm tired as hell
but it's ok hehe... Nothin really exciting happened today
but it was just fun! I also saw 8 mile today.. eh! it was
good... not what I expected tho, but you do get to see
eminems ass so its all good lol! Then I stopped by chris-
tophers house and chilled, watched ya ya sisterhood lol
good flick... yea this week is kinda flyin by which is ok
cuz then the weekend comes! woo hoo.. i work 11-7 on
saturday but its ok cuz i know ill have fun afterwards cuz
im seeing my italian stallion nick that night lol! idk
whats gunna happen with that but ah well! I work 530 to
close tomorrow but it should be ok cuz i work with ash and
dan! yay.... since were on the subject I think im seriously
like over dan lol like yea hes cute and whatnot but like
no! lol he is soooo strictly a friend kinda
person...example: he called me tonight (to ask for a ride
BIG surprise there! psh) and like normally i wouldve been
all excited and happy that he called but now im just like
whaddup whoaday lol idk i feel good about everything right
now in general... im all in that stage where i want a bf
but like i dont NEED one but itd be nice lol or just
someone to chill and cuddle with lol awww ah well its not a
priority right now... so yea nm else new so yea im out!


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