Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-11-14 03:39:49 (UTC)

Poem - "Tonight"

Somewhere tonight a mother will cry
When her world is shattered and torn,
Somewhere a boy with blood on his hands
Will wish he’d never been born.
Lying dead in a ditch is the corpse of a man
Whose life you threw in the mud,
Somewhere somebody is stabbing your heart
And eagerly drinking the blood.
Somewhere tonight a dove will take flight
From a place where hostilities brood,
Somewhere a wife with a secret life
Will say that she’s not in the mood.
Somewhere a boy makes the sign of a cross
And hears a voice from on high,
He’ll brandish his sword in the name of the Lord
Until blood rains down from the sky.
Tonight there are few whose eyes are open
To see this sickening trend,
And we among them dream of the day
When at last the carnage will end.
Tonight we smile and throw up our hands,
Tonight we try to forget,
We’ll take a break from swimming upstream
But we haven’t given up yet.
We know that the power lies within us
And not in the books on our shelves,
We’ll never be able to save the world
But one day we’ll save ourselves.