The Rainy Day
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2001-08-16 03:43:46 (UTC)

move in day

Today I moved into my dorm at UNC-G. I really don't like
the college, it was like my 3rd or 4th choice. But I have
to go to college and I hopefully can transfor to a "better"
school. Apparently people come from all over the US to it,
I'm not really sure why, but they do. I have not met my
roommate yet. My mother told me that he is black. His
parents attend church on a regular basis and they seem to
be a military family. Tomorrow, August 16, 2001, I am
supposed to sign up for my classes, but English 101, is
full, b/c all the other freshpeople, trying to be
politically correct i guess, have taken MY spot. So i
don't know what i'm gonna do. I am kinda worried about my
roommate and I. I do not know much about the African-
American culture and I am going to seem like a really big
dork. Have you ever worried that your roommate is going to
be a dork?, well i'm afraid that I am going to be the dork,
and I think that that is worse. Well, i have gotten lost
like 3 times today. once coming home, another time going
to my dorm and then when my group went to the computer lab
i got turned around and they dissappeard. That was really
scarey. I AM A HUGE DORK. But all seems well, I have to
be at the "caf" @ 8:00 sharp, so i guess this will be the
end of this entry. I will write friday, most likely. Then
i will have my own comp in my dorm. yippee. :-)

I love you tiffani