Bridget Cole

Bridget's Universe
2001-08-16 03:35:18 (UTC)

Hump Day

Wednesday 8/14/01

Last night was so perfect. I ran out to the market and
bought 2 of the nicest New York strip steaks that you can
imagine along with a bottle of red wine some other things.
I hurried home and prepared dinner. I made some French cut
green beans and baked potatoes and grilled the steaks. I
cooked the steaks on the patio on my mini Weber grill. My
mom gave me that for Christmas. I really enjoy it. There
is no better way to cook a steak than on a charcoal grill.
I wasn't sure how Frank likes his steak cooked, so I
grilled it medium rare. I hate over cooked steak and I
figured that you can always cook it more but once it's
overdone you're stuck.

Frank was due at 7:00 and I was running out of time. I set
the table, poured the wine and put a post-it note on the
front door telling Frank to come in when he arrived. I put a CD in
the stereo. I finished everything just in
time. I stripped completely naked except for a garter belt
and hose. I peeked through the front window and watched
for Frank to pull into the parking lot. He got out of his
car and he was wearing a suit. I ran over to the table and
lit the candles and sat down to wait for him to walk in.

I thought he was going to pass out when he walked in and
saw me sitting there. I smiled at him and told him his
dinner was ready. He was completely speechless. The look
on his face was worth all the trouble.

Frank couldn't thank me enough. He couldn't take his eyes
off of me during dinner. After dinner, he showed his
appreciation over and over. Oh my god Frank has that
wonderful ability to seem to be able to know exactly how I
want to be made love to. He alternated between a slow
powerful rhythm and a fast hard rhythm. He is an amazing
lover. We fell asleep exhausted around midnight. I woke
up around 3:00 am when Frank was getting dressed to leave.
I was tempted to ask him to stay, but it was better that he
get home before his wife got too suspicious. Besides I
don't want him thinking he can spend the night. Mornings
are always awkward after a sleep over.

I did some more cleaning around the apartment this
morning. I have decided to definitely have a yard sale. I
also think I will try and sell some of this old stuff on
ebay. I got online to check out ebay. It seems a bit
complicated to list items for sale. Not sure now what to
do. Maybe I will have a virtual yard sale through my

The mechanic called around 10:00. The car is going to be
over $600 and it won't be ready before Friday. This is
really bad. I swear to myself right now that I am not
going to sink another dollar into that piece of junk. I am
going to buy something new as soon as school starts back.

Cindy called around noon and asked me if I would watch my
niece and nephew this weekend so she and Paul can get away
and try and work on things. What was I to say? Big sister
to the rescue. I'll just have to change my weekend plans.

I think I am going to sell some stocks to catch up on bills
and recharge my savings account. Between vacation and the
car repair it will be just about drained.

Natalie called to confirm that I will be keeping my 8:00 pm
appointment with the Japanese guy. Are you kidding? I
need the money. She says she has two more jobs for me if I
do a good job on this one.

I'm headed to the shower, then I'm going to going to head
out early and meet some of the gang from the gym at Lou's
Bar before my big camera shoot.