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2002-11-14 03:16:40 (UTC)

Bah, I QUIT!!!

Today was really really really stinky! Nothing went right,
honestly. Swimming sucked cuz like no one showed up so we
just did like laps and crap.

In English we're watching the story of Christy Brown which
has proven to be somewhat worthy of watching for an
educational purpose movie. Little prevert children looking
at porn... now that's definitely educational. But, oh
well, it amuses me anyway.

French class was a drag today... we didn't even discuss
French whatsoever! He was complaining about disturbances
and whatever then we got completely off topic and it was
just gay. Everyone was putting in their imput and as soon
as I had something to say, the stupid dick would ignore me
and go on to the next person. Like, as if he is singling
people out. Same happened to Rosetta, of course. You know
how it goes. Then he admitted that he just blames the
person who's most obviously talking. GOD what a fag! That
means that I was right... whenever someone talks he
automatically blames me or Rosetta. I don't even have to
say a word! Dammit! GRRRRRRRRRR.

Then in Christian Ethics, he tries to bring up the issue
again cuz obviously there were some people who didn't hear
the lecture the first time but he shortened it and started
talking about Iraq or some fool thing like that and tried
to relate it to Catholicism. No matter how hard he tries,
he will never get my full attention... just cuz it's him.
I would try to learn if I didn't get blamed for everything
that happens. Like, he was talking about how we disrupt
the class and ruin the learning of others when in reality
it doesn't. He interrupts himself to tell someone to stop
chewing their gum or some gay thing like that. Like how
bright are you dumbass!

As you can see, I'm not in the greatest mood ever. I had a
few non-school related issues today that I don't really
want to discuss. If you're one of my friends, you'll know
and if you don't then most likely I'll tell you sometime
later. But Damn! How much do you people want to put on me
in one day... don't you think I've suffered enough. ARG!

I hafta mention one more thing though... During Mr. Morin's class
(that's where it all happens), I was straddled over the desk talking
to Cynthia and then Eric comes in, jumps up and tries to straddle
the desk to join in our convo but ends up canning himself instead.
Lol, it was the funniest thing I've ever seen but I'm sure he was in
major pain but still, I couldn't help noticing the hilarity in it
all! I think that happened yesterday but I decided to mention it
since the rest of this entry was totally depressing and angry and
what not.

Anyhoo... I'm out, ciaoz!

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