Life as I know it.
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2001-08-16 03:30:22 (UTC)

what do i have to do?

Okay so yesterday I went to the chiropractors by my mom's
house, and ahhhhhh i feel so much better, like my headache
is hardly there and of course, my back feels better. Seems
like I popped a rib out and that also was pinching a
nerve. I also got my back straightened out, looked like an
S before so im actually at least one inch taller now too,
which is kinda cool. BUT I have to take things very easy
for the next two weeks, basically my doctor gave me freedom
to slack off all i want.....woohoo!!!! I also bought lots
of groceries, since the last time i went grocery shopping
was oh mid June. Cant go see Catch 22 at all now on
saturday cause that would be vvery bad for my back, which
sucks, cause i do want to see them....but here is for my
most devestating news....



BUT boys moved in next door to me, and across the hall from
me are all pretty hot, not supremely hot like the boys
across my living room, but still hot nonetheless. So i
will probably have some fucking ho bags living next door to
me, cause that is just my luck, or better yet some people
who i alrady know,and hate. SUch is life.