Who I Am
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2001-08-16 03:15:12 (UTC)

Who People Think I am

Who I am and who people think I am are almost always the
exact opposites. At school I always make friends with the
guys first because, let's face it, girls at my age can be
back-stabbing bitches, sorry for the bluntness. And guys
aren't like that, they accept me for me. I have 2 or 3 close
female friends, and I wouldn't lose them for almost
anything, and they can be ok, I just am more relaxed around
my guy friends. When I was little, like from Kindergarten up
to 3rd grade I was a serious tomboy, I'm not anymore, you
would never be able to tell by the way I dress, but I'm
still much better friends with guys. All these people see
me hanging around with guys all of the time and are like "Oh
my god, how can she throw herself at guys like that!?!"
because they don't realize that I'm just friends with them.
And everybody see's it as me flirting with the guys. People
think I'm gonna be a bitch when they meet me, but it just
takes a little while for people to get used to me and the
way I think. I'll admit, I have a rough exterior, but when
you get to know me my friend Maddy has said, and I qoute
"She is actually very compassionate and is a pretty big
softie" Like, I write poetry that only my two best friends
and my Mom know about, and I know if the people at school
knew wrote poetry, they would laugh their asses off because
I'm a bit of a rebel. So basically, people don't know the
real me, hell sometimes, I don't know the real me, and
that's a good thing. Cuz sometimes to be sane, you have to
go a little crazy.


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