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2002-11-14 02:52:35 (UTC)

Romeo and Julliet

There was a true love I admire.. How beautiful it is!

That was a couple. The girl was a killer and the boy was a
police. Their jobs are opposite but Their love is true and
so beautiful.

They were together on a ship. It was too nice at that time.
They have had a good time but when The girl had to leave
her man to perform a mission, suddenly, her man's co-
workers came and arrested her. She was very angry her man
because she thought he sold her out!

When she was in the prison, she said 'every men are base,
Noone is worth to trust' she resented and hated him. while
her boyfriend was worry about her too much.

Few day later, she escape from prison and she came to meet
him. He explained It was not his fault because His co-
worker sold him out and followed him, he hoped she was
understanding him! but it was vain because she didn't still
believe him any more although she still loved him. she said
her boyfriend that she would have to perform her mission
and she was not sure when she could see him again. after
that words, she huged and kissed him immediately! He wanted
to run after her but she handcuffed him.

she was a good killer... she came kill her enemies...but
she lost! at that time, Her man went to her rescue!
Finally, he killed her enemies!

He looked at her and said: trust me please, I could do
anything because of you. She had point of tears. They huged
each other and he keept saying : I couldn't be a police any
more, Now I have only you. Please be back with me and don't
kill people any more. we will have a good family!

She was moved to tears...and said I Love You too much.

* with me, that was a beautiful story about a couple. He
gave a true love for her. He proved he didn't sell her out
and he really loved her. He was regardless of everything
to be with her.

November 14,2002.