Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2002-11-14 02:22:07 (UTC)

Hey you know what? Ball hair! hahahahaha

Ball hair hahaha I picked that up from Malinde a long
time ago. Man, Malinde... it feels like I've known her
forever. She's so cool though! I wish I could meet her soon
from now but that'll have to wait I guess... She lives in
Illonois. And I live in Tennessee. We're not as far apart
as you'd think though. We're VERY close. Maybe not by
distance, but my heart :)
I met her over a year ago in a chat room one day. And
ever since then, I loved her ever since. She likes me a
whole lot too. In fact, I even found enough courage one day
to tell her I fell in love with her. But I also told her it
wouldn't work because we lived so far apart. So I left it
at that, and things stayed smoothe. Well, I'll talk a lot
more about her later, Yu-Gi-Oh is about to come on, So bye

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