Malu Lani

Dear Diary
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2002-11-14 01:12:39 (UTC)

What to do

So last night Shawn got in a big argument with Capri, Josh,
Jessica and Jill outside of Kolby's. A lot of different
things were said, I only heard Shawns side of the story,
but what he said really upset me. He told me that Josh and
Capri claimed that my old apartment was theirs when they
lived there. Josh still owes me $190 from June! Everyone
was calling Shawn a lier for a whole bunch of different
reasons. So I think I'm gonna talk to Josh tonight.
Straighten a few things up.

I was supposed to get my tattoo finished yesterday but Dave
called in sick. I REALLY want to get it finished before I
go to Texas so my mom doesn't have to see something that's
not finished. 2 weeks until we go! I'm so excited.

I really don't have much to say today, so umm.....yeah