my love war..enter if you dare, but help
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2001-08-16 02:01:27 (UTC)

love is awesome

well since the last time i worte ages ago..i am still with
jj, still ever so in love with him..we hav been dating
going on 7 mths, thats a record for me...i love him so
much...we are looking to rent a place now..i just dont know
where or how or what my parents will think since they just
paid 930 for my school...but you never know..i think that
as long as i try and do good in school then fine be happy
for me..i mean im never at home nayway i practicaly live
with jj now anyhow...been lying to my parents and all that
jazzy stuff to be with him but i dont care i just want to
be with him forever...

i am going on a week late..i have already took 2 preg
tests, but they came up neg...i kinda want a kid but then i
am scared to death but i really want one..

anyway i need to go to bed cuz i have to get up at 5 am to
shower and go see jj...we are going to look for a place tom
morning! i hope we find something good! :) anyway love all
yall peeps reading mine! and if you have input tell me here
or email me at [email protected]

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