UpS aNd DoWnS
2001-08-16 01:45:24 (UTC)

Why is life so difficult??????

Well this is my first entry. My friend told me bout this
but i haven't done it yet. But now nobody is on to talk to
right now so i thought I'd write in this. I'm going to
college in 2 weeks so right now my life is a wreck. I'm so
excited but then i'm really scared. I don't wanna leave
my friends. Not that most of them care but some do. And
it's really hard but i know i will keep in touch with the
ones who mean the most to me. Most of my really great
friends don't even live around me. I met most of them at a
church camp. But i'll be closer to them at college so that
will be great. I can actually visit them more then i do
now. But I am leaving my best friend behind. She is going
to a college close to home like most of my friends. I hope
she will come visit me some. I will try and come home on
some weekends but it will be hard bc i'm playing volleyball
and softball in school. I was thinking bout playing
basketball but i don't know. I love to play sports but I'm
starting to realize some things r way more important. Like
being able to have a job and make money and keeping my
grades up and going and visiting friends and keeping in
touch. There's this one guy i really like and from what my
friends tell me he likes me to, but the distence kinda gets
in the way. But i'll only be an hr away from him while i'm
at college. So i would really like to date him. And if i
wasn't playing sports i could see him more. I'm starting
to think that that is a good idea. It's so hard to not
play sports though. I've always played something. But if
something serious could come out of me seeing him and not
playing I think i could handle not playing. He is such a
great guy. But i'm so confused right now. I'm going to go
visit next week so i'm gonna talk to him. So wish me luck.
And something else happened this week and i wish it
wouldn't have. But i can't change the fact that it
happened. I'm not gonna get into it but it's on my mind.
So maybe i'll write bout it later. But for now i'm gonna
go. Some friends are finally on.