My Reality
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2002-11-13 23:36:50 (UTC)

Innocent conversation...

OK so thats all it was, just a lil innocent conversation.
I met this guy about a week ago and its a really sweet
story...let me tell you...i have a twenty minute wait
between two of my classes so i usually just go and wait
outside the door and study, every single day i see this
very noticable guy walk by and he always smiles at me,
which i find intriguing bc no one ever smiles around here.
anywho, one day he walked up to me handed me a note and
then left. i opened up the note and it simply
said "smile". i thought it was really sweet and it
absolutly made my day. the next time i had that class he
walked by me smiled, and then walked away as i shyly shook
my head, laughed and smiled back. i was so thrown by the
situation i didnt know what to do . i felt obligated to say
something but i had no clue what to do.
it was really funny bc about ten minutes after he had
walked by me he came back and immediatly said why did you
laugh, apparently my reaction to being nervous had made him
nervous as well. well we talked for a while and i
discovered he wasnt nearly as wormy as i thought he would
be. we spoke again last class, and he asked for my number
and oddly enough i gave it to him. just because i was
curious to see what the hell he wanted from me. well we
met last night at the coffee shop and talked for around
three hours. he is really funny he is unbelievably smart
has a great outlook and is very similar to me. the catch
is he has a girlfriend of two years that he lives with,
which makes me turned off immediatly, but he explained that
they have hit a rough patch and are trying to decide
whether to stay together or go separate ways. the problem
is that he is very attracted to me so he is stuck... the
only issue for me is he reminds me so much of josh that it
almost hurts. he decided to talk about his girlfriend so i
told him about josh, and as embarressing as it was i almost
started crying while i was telling him about it.. i swear
he has the same answers as josh would and the same warped
view points on a lot of things and it was almost like
talking to josh only i didnt want to fuck this thats a pretty big difference i guess,
usually when i talk to josh i am interested in what we are
discussing but in the back of my mind i cant help but think
god i jsut wanna ripe off his clothes and do him till i
cant walk, this guy well i just dont get that feeling at
all. i mean he is cool as hell and he is the kind of guy
that you can bring home to mom and he is very sophisticated
and could open me up to a lot but frankly i jsut dont know
what to do with him... i mean i am used to people wanting
somethng specific from me and this guy just dosnt seem to
have made up his mind yet just what he wants to do with me
so i am a lil weirded out but really havent given it a
whole lot of thought, i mean i have enough with dealing
with the anticipation of getting to see josh over
thanksgiving that i really have put much thougth into
anything else.