Fabula Nominis Expertis
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2002-11-13 23:28:58 (UTC)


Merry Meet, hello, and all that jazz...

I'm new to this diary site, place, thing, but I had another
one at another site which will remain unnamed. My diary was
deleted, and so I came here... I heard it was better.

Anyway, the main reason I keep these online diaries is to
vent and to practice writing....

Right now, I'm going to vent because god damn Cyril beat me
in the Latin Club elections for vice-president, which should
have never happened. He doesn't care about Latin or Latin
Club... not the way the other people who were running, not
the way I do.

I love Latin. I love Latin... god dammit I love it, and
he's just in the mother-fucking club so he can have one more
club on his college transcript...

The only reason he won was he brought doughnuts and hot
chocolate... bribing high school students always succeeds,
but they'll regret it... I know they will... because Cyril
is the kind of guy who starts the UFO club (Ulimate Frisbee)
and the kind of guy who cheats on Latin tests and pisses off
people like me, but I won't tell on him, and I didn't
slander during the election... I like to think I'm better
than that...

Oh, well... -.- I feel better now...

Until next time,
Nominis Expertis