Procrastination is Key
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2002-11-13 23:00:37 (UTC)

cant think of a title

Ok so I am taking a break b/c I've been studying for an hour
and a half- which isnt that long but I am really hungry and
want to wait a while before I get something to eat since It
is still early. But of course hunger greatly decreases the
ability to concentrate conclusion I am writing in
my journal to waste time. This week isnt shaping up to be as
bad as I thought- the physics tests wasnt too terribly hard
got 12 points above the average (out of 50) so I guess I did
considerably better than a few people. The Eniv test had
some stuff I wasnt really prepared for, but I think I ended
up doing better than I feared I might when first looking at
it. All work has been completed and turned in on time and I
didnt have to work past midnight any night- so yay b.c sleep
is good. Now, or rather, today- I am studying for my
organic chem test. I wish that I could do really well on it
and have one of my 78's dropped, but unfortunately I let my
chem slide this half of the semester so I will probably end
up dropping this test.
Other news... I may actually have a job (short term) It is
working in the textbooks section of the bookstore during the
end of this semester and the beginning of next, when there
is going to be a MAD rush of people in there buying and
selling- returning and complaining. So anyway- I just filled
out the application and the lady called back saying I need
to fill out some tax forms and bring in my soc. sec. card,
and then pick a day for training. So does it sound like I am
a definite for the job? I didnt even have an interview! So
anyway, since I cant go in until next week b.c my card is at
home I am just worried that she will have changed her mind
or I'll be too late or something!!I really have to get a job
b.c I have exactly $25 cash and then probably about the same
amount in my checking account. Presents will not be
purchased with such a lack of money. So anyway I am hoping
that this temporary job will be a quick fix til this summer
when I can hopefully find something real to do!!
Lets see- almost 6- I think it is safe to start making
supper now. I'm starving!

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