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2002-11-13 22:14:03 (UTC)

oh yeah. amigos.

i forgot to tell you about my wonderful, wonderful friends.
so, without further adeiu, here they are in no particular

dana - my best bud since sixth grade who makes facial masks
that look like vomit. i love dana becuase she is funny and
i one of the few people i encourage to laugh at my stupid
self. also, she laughs at my jokes.

robbie - who is more of a boytoy than a friend. toy? what
am i saying? i love the guy. hes my little queso. where
would i be without my robbie? (hey. that rhymed.)

bridget - the one who is also a pez. shes funny, too. "woo
hoo! the bathroom!" oh, bridget.

caity - smart, cool, funny, and sees the invisible things
on her eyes, too! caity friggin rocks.

ricky - gross and a little too open-minded, but an amigo
nontheless. too bad we have the same shoes.

jim - the boy who isnt afraid to stick burning coals up his
nose, as long as it gets him attention. he also has mickey
mouse pants, which are cool.

erin - the unrelated, that is. shes so nice! (not to be
confused with an agressive socializer) shes cool because we
can talk about a variety of topics, from lotion to God.

erin - the related, that is. im stuck with her, and i guess
shes ok for a sister... ok; erins awesome, and the only
person i know who considers "rawk" to be a complete

now i feel like crap because dana made a webpage just for
greg and robbie and my song is on it. wow. i want a dana to
make me a page.

paige - my long-distance best bud.

alicia - my shopping chica.

other people you may hear about: amanda, andrew, james,
amber, jamie, kim, kim, chelsey, chelsey, kelly, kelly,
jussy, melissa, alex, alise, jessica, heather, alicia,
mike, elise, betsey, laura, and whitney.

thats all for now. as porky the abused stuttering pig would
say, "bi-bi-bit thats all folks!" (insert outro here)