Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-16 00:02:51 (UTC)

And then comes the end!

CarpeDrkDelirium: hi
EvilLordDan: hello
CarpeDrkDelirium: did you pass?
EvilLordDan: sure u
CarpeDrkDelirium: i hope so
CarpeDrkDelirium: i got 100 on my poetry project
EvilLordDan: wow
CarpeDrkDelirium: and then i got all the bonus points
CarpeDrkDelirium: the final quarter i got a 90
EvilLordDan: i see
CarpeDrkDelirium: as long as i pass the finals in both the
classes, esspecially hist, i will pass
CarpeDrkDelirium: but i am worried about hist
EvilLordDan: i see
CarpeDrkDelirium: :-
EvilLordDan: i think we should break up
CarpeDrkDelirium: why is that?
CarpeDrkDelirium: i figured you were going to say that too
EvilLordDan: well at least you are not supprised
CarpeDrkDelirium: well, lets see, you have been ignoring me
and all that
CarpeDrkDelirium: but i want a reason at least
EvilLordDan: the answer you gave me that you only live for
tomarrow and you don't like thinking ahead shit it was not
what i was looking for
CarpeDrkDelirium: i said that a while ago
CarpeDrkDelirium: and it didnt seem to bother you all the
times after we were hanging out, and i said that would
EvilLordDan: i know it has been eating at me
CarpeDrkDelirium: why didnt you just talk to me about it?
EvilLordDan: to late now
CarpeDrkDelirium: yeah, i guess so
CarpeDrkDelirium: i just dont understand you
EvilLordDan: why
CarpeDrkDelirium: i really cared about you
EvilLordDan: really
CarpeDrkDelirium: yeah
CarpeDrkDelirium: but i guess its too late now
EvilLordDan: yes it is
CarpeDrkDelirium: we still friends?
EvilLordDan: sorry afraid not i couldn't handle it
CarpeDrkDelirium: why?
CarpeDrkDelirium: how?
EvilLordDan: just can't
EvilLordDan: it is ok with you that we are breaking up
CarpeDrkDelirium: i see, i am the evil ex
CarpeDrkDelirium: do you think its okay
CarpeDrkDelirium: how would you feel
EvilLordDan: i feel fine how do ytou feel about it
CarpeDrkDelirium: i have been ignored for the past couple
of days and you break up with me for a reason that we could
have worked around but i guess you didnt want to try
CarpeDrkDelirium: and said how would you feel, if you were
me, how would you feel
EvilLordDan: we couldn't have worked it out
CarpeDrkDelirium: everyone hates how you have been hurting
me that past couple of days, and i stood up for you, my
parents and OUR friends both told me to dump you, i really
cared about you, and though that we would be together for
more that two and a half months...
CarpeDrkDelirium: and i stood up for you, i said you cared
CarpeDrkDelirium: i guess i was just lying to myself that
you acctually cared in return
EvilLordDan: i still do kind of
CarpeDrkDelirium: obviously not enough!
CarpeDrkDelirium: i gtg get my mom, thanks for not being
there for me
CarpeDrkDelirium: its amazing, you werent even there when i
was really upset, and you even knew about it!
CarpeDrkDelirium: and if you still kinda care about me....
you would at least be my friend
EvilLordDan: can't
EvilLordDan: sorry
EvilLordDan: at least don't cry
EvilLordDan: over me
CarpeDrkDelirium: yeah.... sure... like you REALLY care!
CarpeDrkDelirium: it dont matter to you any more!
EvilLordDan: i knew that this would hurt you and i didn't
want to do it but i had to
CarpeDrkDelirium: yeah, you dont want to hurt me!
CarpeDrkDelirium: you dont want to be my friend
CarpeDrkDelirium: if this is true, stop! right now!